Cooked food is healthier

Raw food is healthier or just as healthy

Raw Food

Is cooked food healthier than raw food?

With the recent popularization of raw food diets, many wonder if cooking food makes it less healthful. Others argue that cooking food is humans' evolutionary advantage, and we became healthier as a species when we started cooking.

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Cooked food is healthier

Raw food is healthier or just as healthy

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Main Issues

Are vitamins destroyed?


Are enzymes destroyed?

Enzymes are a food’s “life force” is a mystical, non-factual idea. Ingested enzymes are destroyed by digestion.

  1. B
    Do 'Food Enzymes' Enhance Digestive Efficiency, Longevity?
  2. NYU Langone Medical Center Do Raw Food (Living Food) Diets Promote Good Health?
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Have we evolved to eat cooked food?


Does eating raw food increase your chances of illness?

Simple precautions can reduce or eliminate risks of raw food.

  1. US Food and Drug Administration Raw Produce: Selecting and Serving it Safely
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Are raw and cooked food each better under different circumstances?


Does food become toxic?

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