Samsung Galaxy S6

Is the Samsung Galaxy S6 or Samsung Galaxy S6 edge better for you?

The S6 is better for you
The S6 edge is better for you
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The Issue

Samsung has two fantastic smartphones that are similar, but have key differences. The innovative S6 edge is right for some people, while the S6 is right for others.

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Pro: S6
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    Jordan Grossman
    Founder of Niaterra News

    It seems like there are a lot of fun things the edge allows you to do, but clearly some question whether they're "need to have" features.

    Some also have complained about how the edge feels in the palm of your hand -- the shape makes one grip harder and it's less comfortable. But others clearly weren't bothered.

    I think sometimes new and different is all it takes. For those people, you may like the S6 edge just hold it before you buy it and there should be no regrets. Certainly a one-of-a-kind phone!

    For the more conservative, the S6 is probably the way to go -- you are unlikely to regret the choice.

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    Qiao Xue

    One of the the most important differences between S6 and S6 Edge is the edge screen on S6 Edge. According to the quotes, the edge does have some fantastic functions, which enables more funny and attractive using experience.

    However, do we really need theses functions during the daily life? For people who would like to try something new and different, S6 Edge seems to be a good choice. But for people who just need a good and easy going phone for normal use, S6 might be a better and also safer choice.

    It is true that S6 Edge is extremely creative, however, rather than create a product, creating a real and reasonable need is more significant.

    Therefore, S6 seems to be the choice of large amount of customers, while S6 Edge still needs more time to be fully accepted.

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Pro: S6 edge
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    Lea Thali

    While both phones have great features, I would have to give the edge to, well, the edge. With a sleek design, cool apps, and so much potential for developers to utilize the edge display, I think the phone would be worth the investment. Furthermore, it has the better battery, which is important to me since I'm often out all day and on my phone constantly.

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