Pit Bulls

Are pit bulls safe pets for families to have?

Pit bulls are safe pets for families
Pit bulls are not safe pets for families
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Karan Shah

The Issue

Many people argue that it is not safe to have pit bulls as family pets, while others argue that it is how these dogs are treated that makes them a dangerous breed. Some even saying pit bulls used to be called “Nanny Dogs” for how good they naturally are with children. The opposing beliefs about pit bull behavior have spurred debate on whether or not pit bulls are safe household pets.

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Pro: Pit Bulls
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    Yunah Baeg

    To me, it all depends on training. There is no specific evidence that pit bulls "have violence in their DNA". This Nia shows that pit bulls can be tamed, as a lot of experienced professionals say. It all depends on how your dog is trained, and whether it was abused by its owner. From what I have seen and experienced, a pit bull won't attack its owner unless it was abused or untrained. Every dog has a potential to hurt you if not trained properly. I admit, however, that a pit bull's attack can be fatal compared to other dogs, simply because of the nature of its breed, and that they may just not be worth the risk around children. But I don't see why regular families can't have them as pets.

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    Molly Banta

    I'm not convinced that pitbulls are dangerous around children simply because the 'nanny dog' stereotype proved to be false.

    However, the higher rates of mortality from pit bull bites are enough to raise eyebrows. This seems to be from their inherent "bite and shake" method of "attack" - however I am not convinced that pit bulls are more likely to attack in the first place. With a good upbringing and loving home (or successful rehabilitation) - violence is not any more natural to pit bulls than another dog.

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    Qiao Xue

    In this Nia, there are solid evidences to show that pit bulls are more aggressive than other dogs, therefore they are more dangerous for families, especially for children. However, it is very normal that one type of dogs has more fiery temper than other types. Just like our human beings, some people have very good tempter while many others do not. So the key point here is training. Without training, a tiny Chihuahua may also bite people, while with proper training and good treatment, I think pit bulls could be good pets for families.

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    Lea Thali

    The evidence seems to show that while pit bulls are on the more aggressive end in the spectrum of dog breeds, this does not necessarily make them bad pets. Dogs trained for fighting have been rehabilitated to be therapy dogs. What makes pit bulls particularly dangerous is the way they attack--if they attack. There may be certain dogs that naturally are defensive and will not make for good pets, however, if a family trains a pit bull and treats the dog well, I think it could well make a good pet.

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Anti: Pit Bulls
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    Jordan Grossman
    Founder of Niaterra News

    I'm a dog lover, and think every dog deserves a great home. That being said, I think the right home for a pit bull is probably not one with a child in it — especially a smaller child.

    It doesn't seem there's anything particularly unique to the pit bull breed, but the evidence shows they're amongst the top offenders of harm and death to people caused by dogs.

    It's critical to note that this Nia uncovered a really important fallacy: the pit bull being a "Nanny Dog". It's a dangerous myth — they were never considered good around children.

    Perhaps with the right training, some pit bulls could be safe around kids. Each dog's personality probably needs to be taken into consideration, not just the breed. But as a generality, I think the evidence is clear enough: pit bulls and families don't mix. They need a good home that is safe for everyone.

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    Dara Grossman

    I love dogs and think that all dogs deserve loving homes -- after reading this Nia, however, I think that a home without children is the best place for pit bulls.

    The evidence seems to show that pit bulls were never called "nanny dogs" or considered to be wonderful dogs for children.

    I think that, like people, there are some dogs with sweet dispositions and some with aggressive ones. The evidence shows that sometimes that is as a result of DNA and other times it is a result of abuse or neglect.

    That being said, the evidence also shows that pit bull attacks are more deadly than attacks from other breeds. While I think that pit bulls deserve great homes, I think that as a result of the evidence, pit bulls are probably best suited for homes without children and with owners who are up for the task of loving and training the dog well.

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    Karan Shah
    Nia Creator

    Pit bulls, while not always aggressive and harmful, are innately aggressive dogs. Though they can be tamed, they are instinctually more violent than other dog breeds and a danger to their owners.
    The number of yearly attacks by pit bulls, a majority of which are on their owners, is alarming, especially the number against children. This brings the "nanny dog" theory into question. The idea that pit bulls are nanny dogs is purely a myth that inaccurately portrays the pit bulls relationship with humans.
    The damage sustained from a pit bull attack in comparison with even the next most dangerous breed is significantly greater. The breed is highly aggressive towards other dog breeds as well and therefore is a threat to animals and humans alike. Pit bulls, although not malicious animals, pose too much of a threat to families, communities and other dogs to be household pets and are unsafe to keep in a domestic setting.

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