Is it time to repeal the law?

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Matt Goldwater

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President Obama recently announced that anyone who has had their insurance plan cancelled due to Obamacare is exempt from the individual mandate. This has inspired critics to proclaim Obamacare has failed.

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    Lea Thali

    Like many big government programs, I think that Obamacare should be given time to see if it will work. Already there are people who have coverage who previously had to go without necessary medical attention and prescriptions. Are there kinks to be worked out? Sure! But repealing the law won't allow for an adjustment period to see if the system really can work.

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    Molly Banta

    It seems the law that formally passed in Congress was flawed, even for Democrats and original supporters of health care reform, due to less than ideal circumstances (Ted Kennedy's death) resulting in a sloppily passed law that is vulnerable to challenges from all sides. While these challenges may be valid, the instability (or even the appearance of instability) is unfair to the people who now rely on Obamacare. The law is very important for those who did not previously have coverage or count on more affordable medical attention, but the conflict and confusion harm the benefits of the law.

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Anti: Obamacare


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