Are e-cigarettes a better option?

E-cigarettes are a better alternative to smoking
E-cigarettes have comparable health repercussions to smoking
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Lauren Lankford

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In recent years, electronic cigarettes have soared in popularity across a broad range of age groups, particularly in younger demographics. The use of e-cigarettes, a verb known as “vaping,” rewards the user with a similar satisfaction to that of regular cigarettes without the tobacco smoke. Instead, e-cigarettes deliver a flavored aerosol usually containing nicotine. While some hail e-cigarettes as a suitable and less-damaging alternative to regular smoking, others are wary of this notion and point out the unique health repercussions e-cigarettes carry that have surfaced in recent studies.

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Pro: E-Cigarettes
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    Lauren Lankford
    Nia Creator

    I think the research speaks for itself on this Nia. Is e-cigarette vapor the healthiest thing to ingest? No, but it is by far less toxic than the toxic intake of a real cigarette. Beyond this, I can also appreciate how e-cigarettes can be used to ween off cigarette cravings.

    The only qualm I have with e-cigarettes is the size of the vapor clouds they produce. While they smell ten times more pleasant than the secondhand smoke of a cigarette, they are sizable clouds that do not dissipate immediately. No amount of science can quite quantify the annoyance this produces for non e-cig smokers who encounter this in public, but I will admit that even still it is less abrasive than secondhand smoke.

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    Satchie Snellings

    Though I do not consider myself "pro" any type of cigarette, I believe that E-cigarettes are at least a slightly lesser evil than regular cigarettes.

    E-cigarettes are certainly cheaper, and I am given hope by the statistic provided by the Addiction Journal which states that people are 60% more likely to quit smoking if they use E-cigarettes than just will power.

    Though E-cigarettes may have a few advantages over regular cigarettes, it is important that people who use them realize that they still contain lung-damaging nicotine and, as can be seen above, may pose secondhand health risks to those around them.

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    Aya Abitbul

    Ultimately, there is much research in the Nia supporting that e-cigarettes do help smokers quit. Given the ability to adjust nicotine intakes on many e-cigarettes, it gives smokers who struggle to break their addiction to nicotine an option of weaning off of it. Additionally, even if e-cigarettes did have the same nicotine content as regular cigarettes, they are regulated and manufactured without many of the 400+ toxic chemicals that can be found in regular cigarettes, such as tar, ammonia, arsenic, and hydrogen cyanide.

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    Jordan Grossman
    Founder of Niaterra News

    I think it's clear that e-cigarettes come with worrisome health consequences, and should be avoided as though they were regular cigarettes, with only one exception: if you are already addicted to regular cigarettes.

    E-cigarettes still put at risk the user's health and the health of those around them, but they have been shown to be somewhat helpful with quitting. It's not clear from the research whether it's the best option for people who are trying to quit, so anyone trying to quit should still work with a professional to maximize their likelihood for success. For those people: good luck!

    For everyone else who may be thinking e-cigarettes are a great, risk-free way to smoke — keep looking!

    Or, even better, don't keep looking!

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    Lea Thali

    E-cigarettes seem to be a good alternative to regular cigarettes, but, ultimately, smoking has too many negative health effects, so I do not think anyone should smoke them in the long run. They can be used as an effective tool for quitting smoking, but they should only be used temporarily, as they may damage lungs and can still contain high levels of nicotine.

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    Molly Banta

    Each question seems to have credible research on both sides - some pros + some cons.
    For second-hand smoke, there are some aspects that are better than normal cigarettes, and some that are worse. The same situation still holds for lung damage and quitting smoking. The only clear benefit are the cost benefits for e-cigarettes.
    It seems to me that it would therefore be beneficial to move from cigarettes to e-cigarettes, but there is no reason to pick up e-cigarettes from not smoking at all.

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    Anoushka Parthasarathi

    E-cigarettes seem to be worth it to me. They have been shown to have less nicotine content than normal cigarettes, which can help current smokers trying to kick the habit. Or if someone wants to continue smoking but without as many health risks, e-cigarettes seem to be the better option for that, as well as being cheaper in the long run because the user doesn't have to buy a pack of cigarettes every few days; they can just buy one e-cigarette and be done with it.

    However, while they contain less, e-cigarettes still have nicotine and other harmful chemicals in them, so smokers will still be affected by them, just not as quickly, which is the biggest anti-e-cigarette argument in my opinion.

    To me, it really depends. E-cigarettes aren't as harmful as regular cigarettes, but they still have that potential, so I think they're safe to use so long as people keep that caveat in mind.

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    Karan Shah

    E-Cigarettes seem to be worth it depending on the goal of the user. Although the nicotine levels and cancer risk are comparable to those of regular cigarettes, research proves that those using e-cigs are 60% more likely to quit smoking. While one may adopt the vice of E-cigs instead, if the goal is to quit actual cigarettes one may find it useful to use e-cigs. E-cigs also have adjustable levels of nicotine, unlike cigarettes, allowing the user to cut nicotine intake at their own pace. E-cigs can be detrimental in ways very similarly to regular cigarettes, but they also are successful in helping people quit smoking.

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Anti: E-Cigarettes
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    David Riccione

    Although there are a number of redeeming characteristics to E-Cigarettes on the surface, the fact of the matter is that these products are still harmful when consumed; they are still addictive, and the fact that they are more affordable makes them more accessible to a wider market of consumers.

    Even if one were to concede that E-Cigarettes are helping people shed the bad habit of smoking cigarettes - which is a flawed argument as E-Cigarettes themselves are a smoking product - the statistics indicate that most consumers are still having trouble quitting tobacco products anyway. That is not to mention that E-Cigarettes contain similarly harmful chemicals as their traditional counterpart, chemicals which are as nominally effective as those in traditional cigarettes to those around the smoker.

    It's obvious that consumers are simply substituting one bad product for another, and E-Cigarettes are only distracting addicts from the only real solution: quitting smoking.

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