Are genetically modified organisms safe for humans?

GMOs are the future and pose little health risk
GMOs are dangerous and need to be abandoned
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Lea Thali

The Issue

As people have be told that many foods consumed by the public have been genetically modified to make for better crops, they have begun to question whether the genetically-altered foods are worth the potential health risks. However, as the technology advances, GMOs could be the answer to two of the world’s major problems — starvation and malnutrition.

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Pro: GMO
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    Lea Thali
    Nia Creator

    To date, no scary side effects have been shown to result from the consumption of GMOs. While the politics around this technology still needs to be worked out (patents on seeds should not be permitted), as long as we continue to test the technology, humankind will continue to see the many benefits of growing and eating genetically-modified foods.

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    Jordan Grossman
    Founder of Niaterra News

    The negative consequences of GMOs seem to have more to do with people's misuse of them or over-reliance than any evidence that they're dangerous. I'm concerned that, based on the evidence, it seems that some farmers may have been over-using pesticides because they had pesticide-resistant GMO crops.

    The bigger issue is the hardest one to answer: what unknown consequences could we see? GMO crops are not created by the old-fashion breeding/blending/selection of traits. So the opportunity for unexpected outcomes would be higher.

    For me, if GMOs are used because there are no alternatives to improve life on this planet in certain specific ways (eg starvation and malnutrition), then it's probably ok. Under circumstances where it's only going to boost profits, I don't see why would ever want to allow it.

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    Hermione Brice

    It is hard to pick a side because GMOs are so new to the scientific world. I personally don't like the idea of glyphosate/"altered food" but there is currently no concrete evidence against it.

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Anti: GMO
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    Neil Stafford

    Even though there are some benefits, it seems that they are outweighed by the risks associated with the use of GMOs.

    One of the main arguments for GMOs is that the world needs them in order to produce food for the growing population. I disagree with this because nearly one third of the food produced in the world is wasted. If the world as whole could become more efficient with food, then GMOs would not be necessary.

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    Karan Chhatpar

    GMOs have their benefits but at the end of the day, what you're putting in your body is what affects it, and our physical health is more important than the sustenance of those things we are eating. I do not think they serve no purpose and by no means think they should be banned entirely, but the extent to which they are being used today is something I largely disagree with.

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