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...or check out the latest Nia to see how dots get connected.
What are News Nias?

Nias are a new type of news that help you:

  • See both sides of issues
  • Connect the dots between the stories
  • See summaries that unfold as you go deeper, so they don't dumb anything down

Nias are sort of like a cross between Reddit, Quora, and PolicyMic

Why Nias?

There's too much news that doesn't actually help anyone understand anything.

Nias aren't about people's opinions. They're about backing up points of view and seeing how they relate.

So there aren't any comments sections. Phew...

How do they work?

People can:

Upvote issues
Upvote support stories
Add support stories
Add points or counterpoints
Add issues to a topic
Create new Nias
Where can you get Nias?

The latest Nia will always be displayed right here on the front page. Sign up for easier access and ability to search:


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